Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Its been three days that I lack sleep and would end up only sleeping for 2-3 hours before my shift. Currently I am working on a graveyard shift and would last for a month ( 3 shifts in a day/ change of schedule every month). I could somehow here Rihanna's insomnia song playing while writing this lol. I feel also guilty for not eating healthy foods lately I would rather want to sleep than eat. Seems like I can survive the whole day without dinner and with less food I've eaten at breakfast and lunch. My appetite seems to hit the skid lately but will try to eat vegetable these following days.  My period is delayed for 5 days already but I am not hopeful 'cause often times when I work on a night shift either my period would be delayed or would precisely skip for that month. Feel some twinge, pangs or tolerable pain on my left ovary so I would might be expecting my period by the end of the week or next week. Nothings new I eluded myself in hoping for something positive to avoid another painful month of waiting. They say it would be better it we try to refrain from anticipating to avoid getting hurt. Often times my friends tell us that we expect less surprises might surge and so we are trying. So, everyday I aim to live life one step at time appreciating every blessings I have and pray harder for guidance and strength. 


Smarla said...

hey roni, just stay positive. :)

I am Roni said...

thanks smarla I will. ;)

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