Thursday, May 13, 2010


Life is full of unexpected circumstances, we often get mad and frustrated when things are not happening the way we want it to be; guess people really cant be satisfied. Every day we go through different phases in our life but at the end of the day do we get satisfied? I don't wanna be a hypocrite but there are times that I don't, yet at the end of the day the most compelling things I realized is that I get to satisfy my inner thoughts and learned lessons that I get to used in my lifetime. Like I learned that we should never make decisions nor utter ill unkindly words when we are mad. Because at the end of the day those unkind words can never be taken back and we only get to understand it when we already see that we already hurt the people we love. It may only be words but I believed it is the most lethal weapon that could make or break one's soul. And making decision out of madness and frustration is never a good decision. Why? 'coz we tend to lost our sense of sensibility and focus. Instead of trying to go through the details of the situation and taking time to analyze everything we get to rush and submerged to the circus of emotions. Thus, decision making is haphazardly done and results are more complicated.

Another thing I realized that to be able to have a harmonious living with one another, we should try to be more understanding in all aspects of life. It is not a lost if one would humbles themselves above others for everyone's peace and unity. Rather than be succumb in pride and selfishness, why not give way, forgive and forget?! I would rather have integrity than to show off and just because we need to fit in with everyone else way of life. No one's perfect but in imperfection we learn and as we learn we get better.

So, guess what I am saying why argue, gossip and insult when you could talk, forgive, forget and move on. With this: life is better, life is beautiful and every one is at peace.


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