Monday, February 21, 2011

An Update!!!

Good Day Everyone! I know I have been silent in awhile and I apologized to my understanding followers. But now I am back hopefully cohesively I can write as much as I can. Time really fly so fast now I am on my 17th weeks of pregnancy and I cannot fully unravel the happiness it brought to our life. Luckily up to now my pregnancy is going smooth sailing and praying that it will until I deliver. My husband is so caring more than before and spoiling me with all his affection, patience and understanding. See, at home I wake up with prepared food to ate and haven't been obliged to do house hold chores. He even doesn't want us to commute when we go to the grocery but would always insist to take a cab despite being expensive. At work I felt so special and love by people around me. We would wake up early morning by my baby's strong kick at 4 months to tell us he is hungry, it was time for the three of us to bond. I know my other blogger friends are still going through a rough time waiting for their special angel to come maybe that's why I was hesitant to write here in  my blog 'cause I know the feeling of being happy for that lucky person to be bless with a child but at the same the pain, envy, frustration it brings asking when can I have that same joyful blessings. Yet, I want you to know though it easy said than done but hope, pray and don't worry that's what Padre Pio my intercessor thought me and indeed I was bless at the right time.


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