Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh Heavenly Father, please help me to understand the things that hurts us.
Please make Your Will known to me and help me to be obedient.
Enlighten our minds and heart in every decision and act we do.
Strengthen my faith most especially at times when things doesn't go our way.
Help me become an instrument for healing, reconciliation, and forgiveness that I may help my brothers and sisters in Christ....
Father, please give me the strength and understanding on how to help others unconditionally, having no expectations.
Forgive me Lord for the sins I committed and please help me not to do the same mistakes again.
I pray for my family and friends that they may always be safe and in good health.
I humbly ask for your guidance Lord to look after my husband and my son KD that they may always be healthy and safe.
I pray for the Philippines Lord our country that we may surpass every challenges, that the economy will prosper, that we may be spare from tragedy.
Lord, whatever Your Will is for me, let it be. For through You, I have everything. I shall not want.

All glory to our One Creator. Amen.


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