Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Missing my Barkada!

Today, I met with my good old friend Ambo, he was one of the best people I have met in my high school life. It has been 10 years after our high school graduation and it seems like it was just yesterday. We talk about their simple get together at oyo’s house at tranghawan for it was their Brgy. Fiesta. Some of our barkada was there and how I really wish I was there with them. I can’t help but think about the times we have enjoyed spending noteworthy time with each other. All the happiest times I have is in my high school life, I was so fortunate to met them and shared precious memories that I will truly treasure in my life. The times that we would be so noisy and do absurd things that makes our teachers walk out of the room made me smile just to think of it. Going to the bakery shop to buy breads and ice candy for the snack was a simple, inexpensive treat; yet the time spending walking along the corridors, talking about silly yet peculiar, hilarious and stern stories made the moment worthwhile. Having to spend time till college was very tremendous experience for me, I was then thinking that going to school at the city well lessen the time and bond that we have. Contrary to that we became much closer and the friendship has become deeper. College life thought us a lot of things in our younger life, those were the times that we face and fought some circumstances in our own lives and came a time to test the vitality of our friendship. Some have deeply hurt us yet amazingly we surpass it all and have realized how we really value the friendship we have. What I am most amazed of is now that even when time and distance have separates us the bond is still strong and unbreakable. At times that we see each other or even talk over the phone I could still feel that things haven’t changed despite the facts that we rarely talk or see each other.

Today, I’ am dumbfounded by how time flew so fast and how I am so poignant of the fact that we merely have time to see nor talk with each other. I know I should never dwell on the past but adhere to the present and look forward to the future. But I am so exultant just to think of those times I have spent with the people who have made a great difference in my life and somehow became a big part of who I am today and will accept me for what will I become tomorrow. To you great friends I promise the that beyond time and distance even the heist of circumstances I will always remember and will never forget you beyond my life time.

Yesterday, we laugh, we smile and we clap.
Spending time with you is one hell of a good crap.
The bread, the cake and the good times we make.
I can face anything just for our friendships sake.

Today, we work, were tired and we complain.
Of how spending all our time with work and no more fun games.
The money, the career and the complains we make.
Dear friends make me sane again.
How time flew so fast that we hardly have time to relax.
If I could have one day to spend with you this will make me laugh.

Tomorrow, is another day to thank those people who stayed.
Stayed beyond time and distance and whatever it takes.
To the friends who made my life eloquent and exultant in many ways.
I can’t wait to see and spend prolific, jovial time with you again.


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