Thursday, November 12, 2009


Notions are inevitable but when people learn to yield and value the importance of humility nothing is impossible to comprehend. We cannot deny that once in while we get to be misunderstood or un able to understand one another. Yet, I believe that we will also be the derivation to mend things and apprehend that we bring no harm to anyone. Recently, I have learned that sometimes when things aren’t amicable as they were used to be; time and hope can bring those who have been hurt united again. We ought to learn to respect other peoples silence and a time to grasp things, fill out their emotions, acceptance and understanding. Then, slowly we would be able to compromise, mend broken spaces and heal the pain we all felt. No one should be blame for anything nor anyone is right or wrong. We are merely victims of circumstances or maybe this is just a test of friendship and humility. I am grateful that slowly things are turning out fine, smiles are seen, small convenient conversations are arising, a helping hand is being lend and no more prattling. Whew! Guess the spirit of Christmas is fast approaching hehehe. Kidding aside, I am looking forward again to a passive, amalgamated, jovial time to US again. Peace to everyone.


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