Monday, September 14, 2009


Maybe this pain will subside.
Frustrations and impatience collides.
My world no longer have a light.
Darkness seems to huddle in my sight.

Maybe the word would understand.
The pressure they bring makes me sad.
I am not that strong nor lame.
What I just want is my own space.

Maybe if you could put your self on my shoes.
I'm quite sure it will reveal.
That what you did is mean and cruel.

Maybe if you could just mind.
Mind your own business for while!
Rather than mess my own life.
Damn get a piece of your own F**** line!

Maybe then I could be free.
From the eyes of the monster who looks into me.
Then maybe,just maybe I could lure.
Lure into my own comfort world.

Maybe then in my world no one will say.
"Why haven't you got one?"
Instead they will utter; "it will come on your way".

Maybe tomorrow will bring me a smile and heal my aching heart


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