Monday, September 14, 2009


Silence is the night when no one seems to bother you.
If you look up in the sky, the moon shines through.
Your thoughts flows in the river of gold.
Lurking in your mind what the hell should I do?

Confusion slowly arises.
Questions are flowing.
Numbness are felt.
Am I alone or lonely?
Should I fret in defeat?

The air brushes my hair and coldness made me shiver.
Then a hand gives me comfort in my cold shoulders.
I turn my back and see.
Your warmth eyes that can see through me.

Confusions slowly fades.
Questions found answers.
I am no longer alone.
And I could never be defeated.

Now the silence of the night sings to me.
As you hold my thoughts run free.
Free to love and to hear that in silence we will see
that love can be understood even without a voice
it will sing amazingly.


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