Thursday, September 17, 2009

Optimist and Pessimist

Some say in life there are two kinds of people existing, one a pessimist and the other is the optimist. One can never say that they are purely an optimist, that would be pure hypocrisy. Why do I say so?because most of the time we tend to see all the negative in this world.When people are hurt and in pain what we acknowledge are the difficulties we faces in every downfall we made. Instead of thinking the opportunity of understanding and learning the purpose of each journey we face, we submerge on self pettiness and pain. We are only human, we feel pain and frustrations though as much as we wanted to stay on the top and be strong, we sometimes fall. Falling doesn't mean the end of the road, I believed this would be a time to mourn, grieve, let go, acknowledge the emotions you feel and a time to meditate, think, rest and regain strength to stand again. Then its time to take a step, to embossed, to move forward, and faced this difficulty as an opportunity to imbibe lessons that are valuable. So, I believe one can never be an optimist without going through being a pessimist.


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