Friday, August 27, 2010

The best revenge is a vow to never be like the one who hurt and thinks ill of you.

We live in an imperfect world, a world were people have different opinions, beliefs and interest. In those differences we have choices, to either be fair and just or be vicious and noxious. Adverse notions can be reasons for misconstrue yet it should never be a reason for unjust and amiss behavior. The person you portray in front of each different individuals reflects the true colors of your heart. One should always try to comprehend the situation before jumping abruptly into any conclusion. Regardless of  the difference between two individuals when both bequeath each other the benefit of the doubt, they can coincide in one amicable living. A person with a conscience always thinks between being just or fair in spite of the antithesis in between. Deflect vengeance and thinking ill about other people. Remain open minded and fair, learn to adjust and thrive to live in a peaceful co existence. After all those difference would be one reason for RESPECT to flourish. Elude those assumption of power tripping or pride elevating. As long as the other person does nothing to harm you; in return is the same righteous act will be given to you.

             Gossiping and making up stories should be eradicated. People need to show  some compassion and give chances for others to prove themselves. Better ask yourself if what you are doing is just and fair?If those reasons you have are enough to treat them unfairly and disdainful!? What if others would do the same egotistic act to you?What would you feel?! Those selfish reasons and condescending acts, what fulfillment do you get from it?! Is it just because that's what friends do? Be as one,despite the wrong doings they inflict? Regardless if those other individuals are not your friends nor an enemy as long as they try to show you respect and understanding you should do the same too. The world is literally small let us not antagonize more reasons for it to shrink and build walls.

    Respect is being earned not because you are just friend but it is well  define when your not-so-called friend still gives that respect despite those differences.


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