Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farewell My Friend!

It is better to lose someone over distance and time than losing them with death for a lifetime. The hardest and most painful tragedy a person can face is losing a love one by death. Indeed, our life is just borrowed but wouldn't it be nice to live that life growing old and when you can say I have enjoyed living my life.? When you have died not by the hands of irresponsible and shameful individual? I have only met Monching way back my college life I think he was then just a teenage boy who enjoys his life. Often times I would hear his sweet laughter and silly jokes; those innocent act with so much pride. Looking back at those times I suddenly felt crying. We shared little time together yet I have felt this excruciating pain when I heard he died. Maybe because he has made a  great impact and leaved a remarkable mark in my life.

The compunction of losing a love one is immeasurable. Though time can somehow mend those broken hearts their memories lingers forever within you. I know 'cause losing two most important people in my life still brought infinite grieve to me. How can we measure their true essence of living? Guess, it is when even by death those that remain living will forever remember all the good and kind things they have done. That amidst time their memories lives in every breath we take and the beating of our hearts. I can only offer sincere prayer to my departed friend. A prayer that will lead him to his peaceful solemn solace and justice may be served. Farewell dear friend your memory will always remain.


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