Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tooth hell extraction

Yesterday, my husband and I went to our dentist to have a tooth extraction. I was the first one to be extracted and my dentist assessment is that my two upper molars needed to be extracted. The very naughty tooth seems doesn't want to be extracted 'cause it took 2 in half hours and 3x anesthesia for it to come off. The pain was excruciating even if there was already an anesthesia the dentist said the tooth seems to fight back and doesn't want to be extracted lol. Every time the dentist tries to pull it out it seems to shrink back deeper. Good thing it was extracted cause it has cause me a lot of pain. Next week we have to be back for my husbands prophylaxis and me to have a fitting for gosh its embarrassing but I have to...need to have a denture lol.


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