Sunday, October 31, 2010

What we gain in pain! ;)

   Pain is inevitable a part of life that could never be eluded nor omitted. Funny it may seems that often times pain supersede even happiness and love. People tend to be blinded or bedazzled by its negative denouements. Staggered by how powerful this four letter word turning an optimist become a pessimist. Yet, no one could ever make a stand and pretend to declare that they are either an optimist or pessimist because the truth on that matter is we are all both. Every now and then regardless of how hard we try to comprehend the reasons and lessons of pain; the mind and heart seems to repudiate. I would love to talk about all the best positive and blissful things but my heart is leading into something I always try to avoid. But I believed that to be able to let go and accept the circumstances that happened we need to acknowledged our pain, cry with it, learn from it and move forward. 
   Looking back it seems like there was no open door, closed and imprisoned by pain and anguish. Losing a father at two months without even leaving a single second of memory to remember is like grasping in the dark with a heavy load of questions. It doesn't end there losing two precious people who brought you up and gave everything they could was a devastation. In addition, to venture in the world and fathom the circumstances that had happened alone is both an achievement and misfortune. Feels great to understand reasons and comprehend those uncertainties making them as your foundation of strength that's an achievement. Sad misfortune to those who gave up and had lose hope for they wouldn't be able to experience the essence of its triumph.

   Indeed in  the world of confusions, conflicts, pain and uncertainties comes great power of valor that rekindles a broken heart to mend. At times when I stumble or fall their memories would be my ladder of courage and hope. It always reminds me that they have given everything for me to have a good life and even if they were gone its no reason for me to be stuck in doom. Yes, I make mistakes, fail, hurt people and gave up.

Then again I rise, ask for forgiveness and try again. No one said that we always need to be on top, to never entertain the taught of failure but I say fail, fall for you will rise better than before. ;)


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