Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Sport

I love basketball! The thrill, its intensity, velocity, passion and everything that goes with it. My passion for this sport started at a very young age of 5. Growing up with most boys as circle of friends is enough reason  why I got hooked with it?! :-D Anyways, I started trying to be one of the boys, pretended that I love the game so I asked them to teach me the basics. Well, see back then I was a spoiled angel and anything that I wish is always being granted :-) So, yes I learned the game and fell in love with it. Looking back then I played all the boys game till I was in college billiard, softball, football and even baseball. Despite all  their efforts to divert, ignore and convince me that I shouldn't play boys games the more that I got addicted and I craved for it. But as  I grew up and mingled with girlfriends my interest with those games has lessens or should I say had slept for a while but has never been forgotten.

Then I met HIM.  A simple, shy, innocent guy, a friends friend, a new addition to our troupe the "kalye Onse". Yes, I am the only girl, the only baby and their queen. Kalye Onse is not only a basketball team but it was like a family. A family who loves to play  basketball even without a cent in their pocket or a shoe on their foot. Their passion for basketball is immeasurable and has strengthen by life's uncertainties; it has withstand the test of time and change. I tag along them with most of the game they played, I was their coach, manager, cheer leader, defender and sister. I supported them despite all the harsh weather and criticism they have encounter. So, I must say that  I have to come love and understand basketball through their passion and dedication.

Call it faith or destiny but through basketball I have met the man who will be my MVP (most valued person) ;-) I was so curious who this guy was back then, I felt that I should first get to interrogate him before he becomes one my "boys". He was  then so silent and shy that I haven't heard him speak a word for almost a week. They asked him to be a part of the team for he was so tall like almost a 6 footer man but he was so innocent in playing the game. Under a mango tree was an improvised basketball ring my boy friends taught him the basic of basketball and I was a bit pompous thinking that I knew how to play the game even if I was a girl compared to him. As usual I always tag along with them in their games but with more passion and interest; I thought maybe because  they somehow are winning despite all the hindrance they encounter along the way. Later, I realized that I wasn't no more than just in love with the game but with then man playing it.  

Now every time I get to see him play its not only the intensity over the game that thrills me but how my heart would blaze an explosion for loving and being proud of him. Well till here for now I will update you with my hubby's passion on basketball and their games next time around. This is just a beginning... :-)


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