Thursday, September 17, 2009

Optimist and Pessimist

Some say in life there are two kinds of people existing, one a pessimist and the other is the optimist. One can never say that they are purely an optimist, that would be pure hypocrisy. Why do I say so?because most of the time we tend to see all the negative in this world.When people are hurt and in pain what we acknowledge are the difficulties we faces in every downfall we made. Instead of thinking the opportunity of understanding and learning the purpose of each journey we face, we submerge on self pettiness and pain. We are only human, we feel pain and frustrations though as much as we wanted to stay on the top and be strong, we sometimes fall. Falling doesn't mean the end of the road, I believed this would be a time to mourn, grieve, let go, acknowledge the emotions you feel and a time to meditate, think, rest and regain strength to stand again. Then its time to take a step, to embossed, to move forward, and faced this difficulty as an opportunity to imbibe lessons that are valuable. So, I believe one can never be an optimist without going through being a pessimist.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Silence is the night when no one seems to bother you.
If you look up in the sky, the moon shines through.
Your thoughts flows in the river of gold.
Lurking in your mind what the hell should I do?

Confusion slowly arises.
Questions are flowing.
Numbness are felt.
Am I alone or lonely?
Should I fret in defeat?

The air brushes my hair and coldness made me shiver.
Then a hand gives me comfort in my cold shoulders.
I turn my back and see.
Your warmth eyes that can see through me.

Confusions slowly fades.
Questions found answers.
I am no longer alone.
And I could never be defeated.

Now the silence of the night sings to me.
As you hold my thoughts run free.
Free to love and to hear that in silence we will see
that love can be understood even without a voice
it will sing amazingly.


Maybe this pain will subside.
Frustrations and impatience collides.
My world no longer have a light.
Darkness seems to huddle in my sight.

Maybe the word would understand.
The pressure they bring makes me sad.
I am not that strong nor lame.
What I just want is my own space.

Maybe if you could put your self on my shoes.
I'm quite sure it will reveal.
That what you did is mean and cruel.

Maybe if you could just mind.
Mind your own business for while!
Rather than mess my own life.
Damn get a piece of your own F**** line!

Maybe then I could be free.
From the eyes of the monster who looks into me.
Then maybe,just maybe I could lure.
Lure into my own comfort world.

Maybe then in my world no one will say.
"Why haven't you got one?"
Instead they will utter; "it will come on your way".

Maybe tomorrow will bring me a smile and heal my aching heart

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

Dear Queen Mother of Heaven and Earth, we thank you for all the understanding and kindness you have undeniably given us. Despite all the pains and sadness we may have caused your good heart, you never still depart from us. When we are down and in trial you have given us courage and strength to stand up and face it all. You have never abandoned us in all the endeavors that we face in this life and though sometimes we may have forgotten you; YOU have never forgotten US.

Mother, you love us all equally and unconditionally though we may have hurt you and your son. We have questioned YOU and your Beloved Son on the circumstances that we have faced and didn't understood, yet you have always been there to defend us. I could never forget a story about your teachings on praying the rosary; that each beads we prayed for, is equivalent to saving another soul. Oh Dear Mother I may have not really understood everything you have teach but I believe that in each prayer you humbly ask your beloved son to forgive a soul and help them enter the heavenly kingdom. You have taught us to pray with all our hearts and even if your in heaven you find ways to reach out to us, never leaving our side. Nothing is impossible with You and your beloved son; in every heartfelt prayer is a grace of answer.

With all the riches and happiness this world could gave us, it will never be greater than the LOVE you have amazingly showered us. On your Birthday Dear Mother I humbly ask for your forgiveness in all the tears that I have caused your eyes and the pain I have left in your heart. Heavenly Mother, each day I will try to be a good daughter to you; to follow your teachings and prayers, to help people forget hatred and learn to love, and to spread the good words in this world. Happy Birthday MAMA MARY. Please enlighten and Guide us all always.

In Jesus Name.


Friday, September 4, 2009

To My Dearest Mikay!

For a friend who celebrates her glorious day a Happy Birthday to you It seems like it was just all like yesterday; when we were naive and innocence embodied us. I can still smel thel lomi at the irish and all were sharing our centavos left in our pocket. People are hearing all the loud and cheerful laughter's coming from the second floor of that mini grocery/resto. After the 5 pm mind bugging mathematics class of Ma'am Lavilla we can't hardly wait to go home. I miss walking from school to our houses enjoying more time to talk and laugh on the way home. Fiestas came and seems like we were all present even in the brgy. fiesta's hahaha. Majong and rading oyo and edi's house are one hobbies that can never taken from us it's like it sticks to our souls hahaha. Dancing oh I love dancing of course I know that you are one heck a damn gracious and glamorous dancer but pupay, me, vip, and even edi made us champions on our senior year right? hehe. Edi?!!!of course why not..hehe

The famous Guimaras was a witness to our biggest and happiest bonding's especially when all were drunk. Those were the times when you stumble and fell on the stairs of the rest house but you pick up yourself still with a groaning with ouch but with a smile hahaha. One event of the town fiesta was the same day of your birthday and you have a dance number to perform and all of us were shouting with awe and amazement supporting the best dancer for us. And I could still remember as well when UHMMM courted you and you went to the church to attend the simbang gabi or I think the afternoon mass?hahaha and don't deny it you had a crush on him. Uhmm not to mention the "tokayo" of that guy was also I think courting you hahaha and was also my cousin hahaha. Those were the days that palph, narlito, iko and panoy has a big crush on you hahaha (haba ng hair mo).

Lola pat's boarding house was lucky???hahaha to have such very obedient and nice boarders like us wahhh asus daw piho and those times when you had decided to have a drink alone at the roof top hahaha. When you keep on going back in forth to joanne and mines room waking us up with a loud bang and pulling our mosquito net till it break and enjoy waking us up even if we still wanted to sleep(pakialamera hehe). Haaaayyyy this are only the few of the millions of things that I could share having you in my life but time and space here are not enough to do so. This are the most happiest day of our life too. SO, in this special day of yours, despite time and distance I want you to know that you are always being remember and I am grateful that I have given a great gift of time to share those good and loving memories we have. I wish you all the best in all the endeavors you take and I know that you will never forget us; as we could never forget OUR MIKAY! happy birthday Girl..I miss and love you with all my heart. God Bless.


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