Monday, August 9, 2010

Ate Rizelle's Birthday!

Currently I am working on a night shift in a hospital. Today, we celebrated one of my good friend and colleagues birthday. One of our dear security guard help me find some food to buy so that we can have a little surprised birthday celebration for her. The nearest food outlet is Mc Donalds so we bought some spaghetti, cola and some bread. It was just simple celebration but it comes from our heart. She was so surprised and cried over the heartwarming action that we did. Happy Birthday again Ate Rizelle.

 May the Lord Bless you a good health and happiness for a lifetime.

    Courage, I have come to understand its true meaning seeing it illuminate with in you. Despite all life's circumstances and adversity I have seen you standing and fighting those battles with an optimistic mind. The rough roads you have face... has never made you back down and gave up. Instead you have walk down that road with confidence and faith knowing that at the end of that road is a treasured palace of peace and prosperity. Seeing you go through that taught me lessons of courage and strength. Your kindness is immeasurable, you love for baron is unconditional, your faith is unbreakable and your friendship is undeniably genuine. You are like our older sister who always tries to apprehend us when we make mistakes, encourage us when we are down, appreciate us in we are good and always being there for us no matter what life holds. At times when you feel that the world has forsake you or why this adversity take a strike on you; know that because HE knows that you are strong and your courage and faith will lead you to learn lessons that will bring you the solace you have longed. Thank you for being true, for telling me when I am wrong, for teaching me lessons about love, life, just for being someone I can lean on and for simply just being you. I thank GOD for allowing me to met someone like you. May The LORD Bless you with a lifetime of good health and happiness. Above all I wish you unyielding strength and faith. Happy Happy Birthday Ate Rizelle. Love you.


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