Friday, September 4, 2009

To My Dearest Mikay!

For a friend who celebrates her glorious day a Happy Birthday to you It seems like it was just all like yesterday; when we were naive and innocence embodied us. I can still smel thel lomi at the irish and all were sharing our centavos left in our pocket. People are hearing all the loud and cheerful laughter's coming from the second floor of that mini grocery/resto. After the 5 pm mind bugging mathematics class of Ma'am Lavilla we can't hardly wait to go home. I miss walking from school to our houses enjoying more time to talk and laugh on the way home. Fiestas came and seems like we were all present even in the brgy. fiesta's hahaha. Majong and rading oyo and edi's house are one hobbies that can never taken from us it's like it sticks to our souls hahaha. Dancing oh I love dancing of course I know that you are one heck a damn gracious and glamorous dancer but pupay, me, vip, and even edi made us champions on our senior year right? hehe. Edi?!!!of course why not..hehe

The famous Guimaras was a witness to our biggest and happiest bonding's especially when all were drunk. Those were the times when you stumble and fell on the stairs of the rest house but you pick up yourself still with a groaning with ouch but with a smile hahaha. One event of the town fiesta was the same day of your birthday and you have a dance number to perform and all of us were shouting with awe and amazement supporting the best dancer for us. And I could still remember as well when UHMMM courted you and you went to the church to attend the simbang gabi or I think the afternoon mass?hahaha and don't deny it you had a crush on him. Uhmm not to mention the "tokayo" of that guy was also I think courting you hahaha and was also my cousin hahaha. Those were the days that palph, narlito, iko and panoy has a big crush on you hahaha (haba ng hair mo).

Lola pat's boarding house was lucky???hahaha to have such very obedient and nice boarders like us wahhh asus daw piho and those times when you had decided to have a drink alone at the roof top hahaha. When you keep on going back in forth to joanne and mines room waking us up with a loud bang and pulling our mosquito net till it break and enjoy waking us up even if we still wanted to sleep(pakialamera hehe). Haaaayyyy this are only the few of the millions of things that I could share having you in my life but time and space here are not enough to do so. This are the most happiest day of our life too. SO, in this special day of yours, despite time and distance I want you to know that you are always being remember and I am grateful that I have given a great gift of time to share those good and loving memories we have. I wish you all the best in all the endeavors you take and I know that you will never forget us; as we could never forget OUR MIKAY! happy birthday Girl..I miss and love you with all my heart. God Bless.


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