Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nitpicker/Fault Finders!

Dictionary Reference :


a person who habitually finds fault, complains, or objects, esp. in a petty way.

Some people consummate their personal happiness by harshly treating other individual by means of power tripping or unjust criticism. Others would judge and think ill just because they weren't accordingly given what they wanted. I asked my self why is it so but then I went blank. They say experience is really the best teacher and indeed so I must say.  Nonetheless, the world  has taught me another lesson through a hard situation. This time around such circumstances has battered and bruised my whole being; something that will test my patience, understanding and judgment. The cut it made has bleed anguish and hostility with in my soul. For they have hurt someone close to my heart  it flares up my anger, negative thoughts rises and impulsiveness might lead me to be contemptuous. Batter, insult, belittle and judge me I'll try hard to be patience and be silent but please I beg of you not to include someone that matters like life to me. As much as I want to comprehend and let it go somehow they seem to haunt me in every possible way they can.Cried my heart out, opened my blog to let it out and hope for the best. I keep telling myself that seasons change, tomorrow might bring a brighter one and pray that those people will understand the position were we stand. I am not saying at all that I am perfect and all nice that would be hypocrisy; but each time a situation occur I aim to put myself on the other person's shoes before I act or judge. You don't know what that person is going through or how huge his responsibility are but then you abruptly judge his personality.

This blog is my solace indeed for here I can elucidate my emotions and intellect. I am not someone who personally confronts cause I always do my best to be patient, understanding and calm. In silent I can win this battle over right judgment  How fortunate I am to be brought up in the province were people aim to be fair and kind to one another. A place were my personality was molded to aim to be kind and nice. To comprehend each circumstances in every angle, to selflessly humble oneself  for every ones sake. However, this is the real world were different people has different perspective thus we need to hold steadfastly to our courage to withstand it all. I write because this is my way of letting out what's inside my whole being. An outlet of emotions and thoughts, my confidant and  listener. It would be nice if we all wouldn't be a nitpicker or fault finder instead we should be a praiser. Each time I get to divulge my individuality here it seems that my pain lessens, positivity rises and what I write here stays here. All these I elude myself to carry on in the real world I mean all the negativity most especially the hatred. Now, I can say that I have calm myself, aim to conceptualize good vibes. So, in case your reading this please don't judge me I only wanted to share this for others to think this over and learn something useful for personal growth. Most of all I just wanted to be me. Thank you!


Unknown said...

oh, i share your sentiments. been through this a lot...came to a point i wouldn't wanna go out and mingle w/ others, but then, i realized, i do not need try pleasing everybody because in my lifetime i can't. God has the ONLY power to change a person. and because we can't, we have to find peace and bliss in ourselves. that way, we learn to appreciate things in totality.

have a lovely day:)

I am Roni said...

Hi Imriz, thanks for visiting my blog and for the wonderful thoughts. Indeed, we have no choice but to accept that fact of life and focus ourselves in the most positive ways. I am just happy that I have found ways to let out what I felt through this blog. Will be following your too ;).

Gid Bless.

Grace said...

I believe many of us have been through the same thing you had. I am one of them. I don't judge people, but I can tell if someone is "brainy" , and I know that you are. :)
Have a good day.

I am Roni said...

That's really sweet of you grace and I really appreciate it. With new friends here I really must say it feels so good to be not criticized or judge. Really love your blog for inspiring people and spreading the word of our LORD.

Have a blessed day. ;)

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